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Made from Cuban torcedores of the highest category, these cigars combine the best of different countries. The earthy wood notes are paired with creamy sweetness and leather.

Excellent quality

Hemmy's cigars has already received several awards from prestigious cigar magazines.

Cigar of the year 2021

Latin American culture of pleasure

The cigars are made entirely by hand in the ABAM manufactory, in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. The Cuban & Dominican tobacco artists, make these cigars from select tobaccos from the world's best growing regions.

The HEMMY'S cigars are characterized by a pleasant creamy aroma at medium strength. To the initial notes of wood, earth and a mad cream, come in the further course of smoking a nuance of tobacco sweetness, cereals and coffee.

Remarkable maturity potential
Due to the tobaccos used, the cigars have enormous aging potential.
Currently already super to smoke, these cigars will change. Similar to wine, the flavors come through the maturation storage even more intense to the fore. 

All Hemmy's are packed in high quality solid - wooden boxes.

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